Saturday February 24, 2018

Gun show with Dallas, Ian, Kreager, and Sofia

For the dedicated vaulter, the season begins now, mere weeks after the end of summer track.

Those with lofty goals must begin earlier and prepare more fully.  Your conditioning, both mental and physical, cannot wait until the official high school season or NCAA start date.

Requirements for a Stellar Year:

1. Desire – Define how you want to feel these upcoming seasons.  Unbound?  Unlimited?  What are the precise words?

2. Grit – Lift the weights. Do the pushups.  Leap the hurdles.  Run, plant, jump, fall.  Complain less.

3. Grace – The powered athlete is the one who encourages others no matter how poorly his own practice is going.  It’s less about the bar and more about who you are.  When the drive to win stems from merely beating out another it creates a kinesthetic weakness in the body.  Physically, an athlete cannot sustain success when she is out to best someone.  Intend instead, to improve the life experience of track and field.  It is in giving that we receive.

4. Awareness – Realize your athletic ability is something that passes through you uniquely.  It is meant to be displayed as a gift to the outer world.  Your focus and dedication inspires everyone else to do what they do a little bit better.

5. Energy – A conversation with a coach from a prestigious liberal arts school revealed that he looks for prior success and teachability in an athlete.  As important is someone who will bring energy to a team, not deplete energy from it.  Bingo.

This year is about being your greatest version of your highest self, no matter the height of the bar or the placing at the end of the meet.  Give your best in each jump and every personal interaction, and your Milesplit record will earn you the feeling you most desire:

That you have this.


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Sometimes, I predict the future.

Jose R. San Miguel and Julius

While attending the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships in Mexico last week, I met Julius Rivera, a sprinter who lives in PA but who represents Puerto Rico.  Julius’ father used to hurdle at the University of Puerto Rico.  Julius was there to run the 100 and 200 meter races. He admitted that he intended to scratch the 200.

I challenged Julius to reconsider his position. What if you false start in the 100 mm? What if by some quirk in the rules of international competition you are disqualified?  It would be a long journey home if Julius did not completely maximize this opportunity. Under duress, he reluctantly agreed to compete in the 200 meters being contested on Saturday July 5.

On Friday morning while watching the pole vault, I saw Julius get into position for the men’s 100 mm race. I also saw him false start and get disqualified.

A few minutes later Julius walked by with his mom and dad, totally devastated. I reminded him of the great opportunity that awaited in the 200, and of my feeling that something big was going to happen.

Back at the hoteI, I committed to buy him a pizza if he set a PR in the 200 (the food at the hotel was not very good).  If he did not, he would have to sing a children’s song, in Spanish, in front of the team. Having grown up in PA, Julius’s Spanish is less than fluent.

On Saturday morning, I took the late bus to the stadium. Upon arriving, I learned that not only did Julius set a new PR, he also met the qualifying standard to compete at the World Junior Championships in Eugene, Oregon. This young man went from feeling intimidated by an event to making it to the greatest stage for a junior athlete.

I am proud of you Julius, for running the race of your life.


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