Saturday February 24, 2018

Pole Vault Carolina is offering a unique pole rental program, to assist high schools and colleges in North Carolina support their athletes this coming season.

BRAND NEW UST-Essx Carbon Fiber Poles are being offered! These are the most advanced poles in the market. Athletes will have the option to upgrade their poles as needed throughout the season.

Pole vaulting is a progressive event where athletes outgrow the poles they use. A typical athlete will progress through about four poles every season. To ensure continued improvement and maximum safety, athletes need access to a full series of poles that meet their needs.

With new poles costing up to $700.00, it simply is not cost-effective to regularly purchase new poles every time an athlete outgrows one. Budgets are tight for track and field programs. Still, athletes deserve to have the equipment they need to succeed,

We offer pole rentals for the indoor season (Nov 1 – Feb 28), Outdoor Season (Mar 1 – May 30), and Summer Season (Jun 1 – Jul 30).

We guarantee that you will receive brand new poles for use during the season.
Orders must be received by:
Oct 1, 2017 for Indoor Season – Pick up Nov 1, 2017
Feb 1, 2017 for Outdoor Season – Pick up Mar 1, 2018
May 1, 2017 for Summer Season – Pick up Jun 1, 2018

All poles must be picked up from and returned to our facility in Durham, NC.
Length        Rent
9’0”           $160         10’0”         $160           11’0”         $175
11’6”         $175           12’0”         $200           12’7”         $200
13’1”         $225           13’7”         $225           14’1”         $250
14’7”         $250         15’1”         $275         15’7”         $275
16’1          $300         16’5          $400

We also offer weekly and daily rentals for all in-stock poles. The rates are $100 per week (7 days) or $35 per day. This is a great option for use during invitationals, regional and state championships, and summer track.

You may upgrade the poles as needed throughout the season for a fee of $50.

We offer an optional Pole Rental Insurance that will protect you in case of pole spiking, pole breaking, loss, or other damage. You will not be responsible for replacing the pole. There is a one-time charge per season of $100 for up to 4 poles. We will replace the pole within 14 business days.

We also offer pole bags for rent at $50 / season. Pole bags offer protection to the poles rented from being stepped on, spiked, or damaged while traveling. This is a great way to help ensure that you will not have to purchase a replacement pole at the end of the season as a result of damage.

Pole Vault Carolina is committed to offering an unmatched level of customer service to help every athlete reach their potential.


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